• Zoook Rocker Power Bank Polymer 5000mAh ZP-PBS5 – polymer

    Charge your device on-the-go with this powerful Li-Polymer 5000mAH backup power vault designed to compliment your power needs, the ZP-PBS5. Extremely light & portable makes the ZP-PBS5 extremely easy to carry around. In collaboration with the leading designers the ZP-PBS5 is extremely stylish and trendy! Make a fashion statement and meet your power needs at the same time. The ZP-PBS5 is equipped with dual ultra-fast charging ports allowing you to charge all your USB enabled devices on the go. We have used the latest in technology and have equipped the ZP-PBS5 with ShakeView tech, that is, simply shake the device to check the power level.
    We have taken convenience to a whole new level with the PBS5!